Over the past 50 years we have received hundreds of notes from our customers telling us about how much they appreciate the service we provided when they needed us most. We’d like to share some of them with you as well as a recent story where we followed the repair from start to finish.

We appreciate all the kind words and endorsements we have received over the years which make us work even harder for our customers. We believe in old-fashioned values where courteous service, honesty and integrity make a difference for both the customer and the business.

Residing in an historic village with neighbors all around us, we recognize the importance of being a good neighbor by respecting the community and its residents. Every time we see our neighbors with a smile, we know we’ve lived up to the stewardship expected of a business in an historic area. Every time we make a customer happy, we’ve done our job.

Here’s what our customers have told us:

Wayne Sutton has been going to Rick’s Auto body for over 30 years. To quote him,

“They are the best! The quality of their work and attention to detail is unmatched. Rick’s Auto Body is the real deal. They not only look the part of nice guys, they really are. They treat me like a diamond, but I’ll tell you that they treat everybody that way.”  

Liz M. from Warwick has been using Rick’s Auto Body for her repair needs for the past 10 years.  She has had her share of fender benders, so she’s often at Rick’s.  During that time, they have come to know her by name.  When you ask her about Rick’s Auto Body, here’s what she has to say.

“The folks at Rick’s are fantastic…..Auto body work can be so complicated and frustrating.  But between coordination of insurance, rentals, and their very high quality repairs – they make the process easy.  Most importantly, the people there are just really a pleasure to deal with.  I won’t go anywhere else for auto body work as long as I live anywhere near here.”

James Ferolito has known Rick’s Auto Body since the mid 1970s. He even did some accounting for them for several years. He continues to have a great deal of respect for what they do. Even after all these years, he has never had a problem with any of their service, and he’s taken several cars there for repair. He says

“If you want a car fixed perfectly like it came right from the factory Rick’s Auto Body is the place. They’re the only ones with the equipment to produce a car like it’s factory new. They always repair the vehicle to spec. I really can’t say enough about them.”

James has also been fortunate to know all three generations of the family and adds,

“They are very talented people who have taken their work to a higher level of excellence both in product results and customer satisfaction consistently through three generations.”

When Marge O’Hara was asked to give her thoughts about Rick’s Auto Body, she was travelling and concerned she might have missed her opportunity. Marge is their neighbor, and as far as she’s concerned she couldn’t ask for a better one. As she says,

“Living near an Auto Body Shop raises some red flags for people, but I have to tell you their place is always immaculate. They are so careful when using all their paints, and they have systems to prevent any harmful emissions from affecting the neighborhood. I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.”

Marge is a customer as well. When her car was t-boned in her driveway just before a fund-raising dinner she was hosting she went on with the dinner because she knew she was in good hands with Rick’s Auto Body. No need to panic.

“This dinner was far more important than my car. I knew if Rick’s said they could fix it, they would. So rather than focus on my issue, I decided the fund-raiser would go on as planned. And it did! I would never have been able to feel that way if I didn’t know Rick’s would do the job right.”

Charlie Nelson has been around auto body shops for quite some time. He even owned one at one time. When the side of his van was totaled, he decided to go to Rick’s Auto Body because of their reputation and what he saw when he went there.

“I had a very, very good experience. They really understood the ins and outs of the insurance business. They tell you like it is, and generally they’re 100% correct. Rick’s works with all the insurance companies, gives you great estimates, and takes care of all the paperwork for you. When I got my van back it was better than brand new! When my wife’s metallic red Explorer got hit in the front end, it was the only place I would even consider going. I figured they’d never be able to match that paint, but I was wrong, they did it! It looked factory fresh.”

Bob Grace is so impressed with Rick’s Auto Body that he says,

“They are the most professional shop of all the shops I visited, and I visited many before getting my car repaired. They are super courteous and the job is extremely well done.

When Sally Sjogren was growing up, her Dad was an appraiser with AMICA Insurance. He did appraisals with many Auto Body Shops, and he always felt Rick’s did a great job at a fair price. It was only natural for Sally to follow in his footsteps and go there as well.

“We’ve known Rick’s Auto Body for several generations. My father went there with his cars, my brother only takes his cars there, and I do the same thing. They always do good work! I’d recommend them to anyone who needs their vehicle repaired.”

Mrs. R. had a run in with a bus, and you know who won that battle. She knew exactly where she wanted to take her 2001 Nissan. And she can’t say enough about the great service, friendly estimators and people she deals with, as well as the fact that you always connect with someone when you call Rick’s Auto Body.

“I’m delighted to tell you about my experience with Rick’s Auto Body. They are awesome! The damage was quite significant when my car was hit by the bus. When they put it all back together, you couldn’t even tell anything ever happened. Rick’s always bends over backwards for you and treats you great. And, for an Auto Body Shop, I can’t get over the fact that the place is so clean you can almost eat off the floor.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Both family cars were damaged when a drunk driver slammed into them in the driveway of her home. Once again she took the vehicles to Rick’s where they took care of everything – insurance paperwork, rental car pick-up and return, and of course the damaged vehicles.

“The staff at Rick’s are pleasant and courteous, and they go above-and-beyond to make your accident/experience as painless as possible. They stand behind their work and guarantee it for life. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone – in fact I highly recommend them!”

Sometimes life’s little frustrations need some attention. That’s how it was for Patricia Hamilton. It seemed like her vehicle had a bull’s-eye on it – from front bumper, rear damage to drives’ side door dents; never her fault. So she took the car to Rick’s Auto Body and says,

“They were wonderful. They got me a rental car, it was on time. And they were prompt on the work they did. It was on time and it looked great when it was done. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.”

“You know you only think about them when you need them.” That’s how Rick Angeli described using Rick’s Auto Body. But he goes on to say,

“Over the years I’ve had several vehicles repaired there. They do tremendous work, handling every aspect of the repair from the insurance process, to helping with a rental, to getting your car back in great shape. Their professional and courteous staff are a pleasure to work with making a difficult situation more manageable.”

We’ve all had it happen one time of another – someone skids into you, someone dents your side door, and even the most unexpected , like a jammed window..  That’s exactly the kind of repairs Carl B. has had to deal with over the years.  He worked with the insurer and Rick’s Auto Body to handle each of these repairs.

“There were no complications, not a lot of paperwork.  Rick’s did everything for me, gave me a loaner, and 3-4 days later called to tell me the car was ready; they gave me the keys to my car and returned the loaner for me.   When the window wouldn’t work they had to replace the motor.  They were very inexpensive, and had the car back to me in no time. They were terrific.”